Facade Tectonics SKINS Podcast

Ted Kesik on SKINS

October 22, 2020

Special guest Ted Kesik, PhD, Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto, joins us to discuss everything from digital workflows and durability to embodied  carbon and resilience.

Hosted by Mic Patterson, PhD, LEED AP+, Ambassador of Innovation and Collaboration at the Facade Tectonics Institute

Learn more about Delta Land Development's Earth Tower competition.

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Continuing Education (members only)

FTI members are eligible to earn one (1) AIA LU|HSW credit for this episode.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn why digital work flow and off-site manufacturing contributes to higher quality installations and shorter timelines.
  2. Identify the importance of embodied carbon related to building construction.
  3. Learn about the fabrication of mass timber and its advantages in construction.
  4. Learn about the Earth Tower facade competition that is sponsored by Delta Land Development.
  5. Understand the importance of modeling thermal resistance in buildings and the connection to human comfort.

To receive credit, complete the course evaluation with the correct answers. If your answers are incorrect after submitting the first time, please correct them and resubmit the form. Your form must show 100% accuracy before we can process your credit.

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